Skalite is a ski-jump whose constructional point is at the height of 85 meters. The first tournament on Skalite took place on 14 February in 1937. Throughout several dozens of years the most important tournament at Skalite was the Beskids Cup where a number of famous ski jumpers from all over the world competed and triumphed.Polish Skiing Championships used to be held there regularly as well.

Biła consists of two artificial ski-jumps: the middle one – K50 and the small one – K33. They are located near a smaller ski-jump called Antoś. Competitions for young ski jumpers such as Lotos Cup and “Nadzieje Beskidzkie” are organized there. Yet, this sports complex will probably be closed in the future when some smaller objects are built in close vicinity of Skalite.

The terraces of “Willa pod Magurą” enable Guests to admire the views of the ski-jumps Skalite and Biła. They are situated about 1,5-2km away from our guesthouse.

Source: wikipedia